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"I have gained over 73 new clients in the first 5 months working with Michele and consistently increased my income every month, not so much from putting in hours and hours of marketing but by changing my thought patterns and beliefs. The most successful part of the puzzle has been unlocking my negative thought patterns. We’ve been working together for just over 2 years and I worked out that since we've been working together my income has increased by 287.5%!"

Lisa Satchwell
Lisa Satchwell Energetics

"All of a sudden I went from being a really confident business woman to being completely terrified because there was just so much pressure to make it work and I was on my own and I was scared and frankly I just need help getting organised, getting a strategy in place and increasing my confidence. It wasn’t so much the strategy, it was the mindset behind it, I always thought I was quite confident but deep, deep down I wasn’t as confident as I thought. I needed to work on my energy and what was going on internally. It changed my business, it changed their businesses because everything came from me and it had such a positive impact. I’ve earn’t an incredible Mercedes Benz from my company and my income is 3 times what it was when I was working full time. Before working with Michele the investment terrified me but now I’m earning that amount every single month. Just do it!"

Lucy West
Arbonne RVP

“I didn't actually believe that in one hour I would experience the inner shifts that I did, or come out of with such a clear vision of the way forward. Incidentally. I was seriously underselling myself, I knew that as a company offering the service we do that we were a lot cheaper than some of our competitors, and I'm talking some of them being 10 x more expensive than us, but as we were new and launching we were just desperate for customers, any customers. Michele made me realise I was looking at it all wrong. So this weekend we increased our prices significantly, in one case by 200%. This made me really go eeeeeeeeeeeeek! Thank you Michele. I would never have believed you could get that shift in just one hour. It's changed so much, and I actually couldn't wait for Monday to come round when the country went back to work after the weekend and I could get stuck in! xx” “I did it! I signed someone up on the package I’ve increased by 200% in less than 24hrs!”

Nicola Read

"I started working with Michele early in February and within 5 weeks I had doubled my income! This feat was made even more impressive as not only did Michele provide me with fantastic coaching to grow my business, she also helped me cope with a challenging time at home so helped both the professional and the individual. I am now facing the coming months truly energized and excited about what could happen next!"

Karen Cureton
Cureton Consulting

"Michele has helped me put together, market and sell a VIP level personal training package with mindset, positive thought and taking the right actions. Just one selling tip she gave me meant I sold £11,500 worth of personal training packages over 2 days."

Noelle Watson
Noelle Watson Fitness

"Before working with Michele business had gone quiet and although I tried not to stress, it was difficult. However, within 24 hours of starting with Michele, I completely changed my mind-set, I had the focus and strategy to do what I needed and when. This resulted in generating more business in 48 hours than the whole of the previous month!! Michele is very honest, very straight and if you are serious about wanting to improve your business, then you have nothing to lose and everything to gain."

Caroline Hawkins

"Since joining Michele Walsh and the Manifesting Mastery Programme back in June I knew things would change. My business has increased dramatically- treatments are up by 30% and retail up by 62%"

Jane Gillatt
Jane Gillatt Skincare

" have started attracting new clients at the rate of one a week for the last 5 weeks! My self -confidence is increasing and I can appreciate the value that I am adding to my clients’ lives I was very happy to think that my income had increased 500% as a result of working with you but I was wrong .My income for the year is a whopping 1200% increase! There’s a number to conjure with! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Amanda Aris
Accessible Family Law

"Two and a half years ago I came to the realisation that I wasn’t getting where I needed to be on my own. I was terrified when I took the plunge working with Michele but from the moment I did I knew it was absolutely the right decision and I’ve never regretted it. In purely monetary terms I’ve increased my turnover tenfold and I’ve been able to leave the minimum wage part time job I was clinging to. Michele gave me the confidence to leave a job that was holding me back and I can honestly say It was the key to success. A few short months after leaving I went from earning £500 to over £5000 in one calendar month and it changed everything. I remember wishing I could make one thousand pounds. I know now that the sky is the limit. I have learned to dream and to believe in those dreams. And in believing in the dreams I have learned to succeed. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the support, coaching, and the volume of richly featured information Michele has provided. She’s always learning and developing and she passes all that quality on to her clients. I am a different woman and Michele Walsh was the key. "

Katherine Bellchambers Wilson
Nottingham Herbalist

"I’d known Michele for a little while before I started working with her, we clicked straight away because she’s very approachable. When I started working with Michele it was 24 hours before my first workshop and I didn’t have anything to offer my delegates. After a quick call with Michele, I had a bit of work to do and in 24 hours I had a package to offer my delegates of which 50% took up the offer on the day. As a result of that I have now joined Michele in her Mastermind program which is proving to be extremely valuable to me. I now have other packages and programs that are only in existence because the work I’ve done with Michele. I now have a program that is 20 times more expensive than the first program I created and that’s within just 6 months. Just do it, you won’t regret it and the value you get far exceeds what you think you’re actually going to get."

Sarah Houldcroft
VA for Authors, Goldcrest Publishing