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Success Stories

The coaching was fantastic in itself. The way you identified a problem mindset that had dogged me for best part of 35 years and showed how to deal with it simply and effectively was amazing. I can never thank you enough on both a personal and business level. I have been organising my time more effectively, billing more effectively and have started attracting new clients at the rate of one a week for the last 5 weeks! My self -confidence is increasing and I can appreciate the value that I am adding to my clients’ lives. Just done a quick calculation.

I was very happy to think that my income had increased 500% as a result of working with you but I was wrong.My income for the year is a whopping 1200% increase!There’s a number to conjure with! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I value your support more than I can say and am really grateful to you.

Thank you.

Amanda Aris

Accessible Family Law

Working with Michele is challenging, motivating, inspiring, rewarding and fun! I have gained over 73 new clients in 5 months and consistently increased my income every month, not so much from putting in hours and hours of marketing but by changing my thought patterns and beliefs. The most successful part of the puzzle has been unlocking my negative thought patterns.

Michele is the woman to help you take your business to wherever you dream it could be, she will support you with no judgement and the best tough love ever.

Thank you.

Lisa Satchwell

Lisa Satchwell Energetics

Working with Michele has changed my whole outlook on money in ways I could not have imagined. She has given me the skills and confidence to realise I can make my business work for me. Put simply I now know that I can make and create money. My overwhelming feelings of panic about generating income have disappeared giving me the confidence and space to plan for the future and the freedom to enjoy my life knowing that I have created a business I want and love and that I am immensely proud of. The decision to work with Michele can be yours only. However, if you decide to please be prepared for what you have dreamed of to become reality.

I’m not sure I believe in miracles but I do believe whole-heartedly in the power of attraction. You, your mind-set and your actions are the key to attracting success and money into your life and business. Michele is the confidence coach who can help you to understand and believe this and to help you become the successful woman in business you know you can be.

Joanne Moore

Creative Director Jo Beth floral design

I thought I’d drop you a line as I am so ecstatic about the results of some of the work you’ve helped me with. On the surface to others I come across extremely confident yet after a short session with you I’ve realised that some of the insecurities I had (which I don’t have anymore since working with you) were in fact holding me back. As a result of your ability to bring out the best in me the results in my business since our first meeting has quadrupled. Without going into too much detail just one tip/ technique you shared with me resulted in having nil bookings on a workshop to £3000 in the space of no less than 8 days!!! All this was geared around improving my confidence and belief. And that one bit of advice I’ve followed through into many of the other sessions I’m running with my clients. Your down to earth, no nonsense approach means that you get excellent value for money in such a short space of time. The time spent with you was priceless. Thanking you again Michele, to say I have recommended you to everyone I meet is an understatement – keep up the fantastic work!

Audrey Bodman

There aren’t enough superlatives to describe Michele and the massive leaps all of her clients experience! We often don’t want to admit to a lack of confidence especially in front of our peers but at some point we can all suffer whether it is in our business or personal lives. It may be standing up and presenting in front of a couple of colleagues or a full blown public speaking event. Personal fears can often stop us moving forward which then often follows through into moving our business forward. I can’t believe how some things used to terrify me but now I actually enjoy and feel confident doing. Still got some more to work on…. I would urge everyone wanting to move their Business or personal life forward to see Michele.

Caroline Hawkins